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Infant Baby Feather Photography Photo Prop Angel Wings!

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Item Number: 836725
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Infant Baby Feather Photography Photo Prop Angel Wings!

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Product Details:

These tiny baby feather wings are the perfect addition to your creative photography abilities! Perfect for newborns, preemies, even larger infants! These wings DO NOT have armstraps. For professional results, it is best to use them like the pros do: Double sided tape or use fishing line around the torso of the child, encapsulating the wings. Other wings that have large bulky straps are a pain becuase you have to cover them with clothing or photoshop them out. If you are really good and get your infant to sleep, you can just set them atop the baby like shown in the photos. There are 2 sides to the wings and they do bend in the center. Which way you bend them for your photos depends on the angle and position of your shot. These incredible small and hard to find wings measure 8 inches across at the wing tips, and are 6 inches along the side, wingtip to top-see photo for measurement details. The wings pictures are the exact wings you will receive. PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT teach you how to use props/ pose your baby and or set your camera. If you are unsure, please do not purchase.Thank you!

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