Digital backdrops and backgrounds by Katrina Brown

 Digital Backdrops By Katrina Brown


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Photoshop Tutorial Improve Your Digital Photography NOW

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Photoshop Tutorial Improve Your Digital Photography NOW

This photoshop video tutorial is a definite MUST HAVE to improve your skills! I personally take you on a 40 minute tour of processing a baby into a flower image! Why pay a photoshop class 400 a day or a private tutor 80.00+ an hour to only forget what you were told and scramble to remember the steps!? You get this DVD to play, pause, and play again until you get it! You won't believe what this will do for your business or personal photoshop skills. Included in this awesome tutorial are 8 flower image backgrounds to create your own baby images. Even if you don't ever want to photograph infants, the tutorial still teaches you in extreme detail specifics that transfer to ANY photo subject! The techniques shown work with Photoshop 5.0 and up, including Photoshop Elements. The tutorial is shown usine Photoshop CS (8.0) so some of the tools used may be in a slightly different location on earlier Photoshop versions. Some familiarity with Photoshop is necessary for you to properly use the tutorial. If you are a complete newbie (never worked on an image in Photoshop before) then you will need extra time using this tutorial. Be patient and use the pause button regularly!


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