Digital backdrops and backgrounds by Katrina Brown

 Digital Backdrops By Katrina Brown


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Digital Studio Start Up Package

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Item Number: 2568900
Price: $499.00


Do you like all of my digital items but are a little confused as to how to purchase them all? Then this DVD collection Photographer's Digital Studio Start Up Digital Package! is FOR YOU! Here is what you get: Fantasy Backgrounds Volume 1 through 6, 150+ Isolated Props, Tropical Volume 1, Studio Volume 1, 2 sets Alphabet and Number Props, Templates Volume 1, Templates Volume 2, Templates Volume 3, Layer Masks Vol 1, New Backdrops and backgrounds with FREE AMAZING Photoshop Isolation tutorial in .MOV format, Wings and Hats Prop Disk, Christmas Special, Pumpkin Special, Chef Special, Holiday Package, Stage Drapes (GREAT for video productions) and Studio Volume1! All of these items individually sell for $600+ but this package, you get them for 499.99! One muslin backdrop can cost that much-but you get all this for the price of ONE backdrop!You save over 100.00! What a great investment into your photography hobby or business! Benefit from my years of photographing sets, props etc.. all yours for this GREAT price! The resolution varies- all photos were taken with a Canon 20D or a Canon 5D and the megapixels are between 8 and 13.You will have no problems printing these images even poster size! All These TIFF files will work on PC or MAC, however your software must be able to handle TIFF files. Try to buy photography props, backdrop stands and muslins for that price- you would have very little! But here, the work is done for you- all you do is isolate your subject and you can have any backdrop/ prop you wish! Make adorable photos like the big name calendar photographers make! There are many photos to begin with so please be patient while they load! ONLY ITEMS NAMED ARE INCLUDED. DIGITAL ITEMS CREATED AFTER THIS PACKAGE MAY BE PURCHASED SEPARATELY.

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