Digital backdrops and backgrounds by Katrina Brown

 Digital Backdrops By Katrina Brown


Fantasy Digital Backgrounds  
Video Photoshop Tutorials PLUS Digital Alphabet Props!

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Price: $99.99


Video Photoshop Tutorials PLUS Digital Alphabet Props!

See someone other than tobkatrina or Katrina Brown selling these digital photography background images? Report them and upon confirmation, you may choose any one disk in my store for FREE! Help me combat theft of my artwork and get your choice for FREE!

Product Details:

Here it is! The long awaited tutorial my customers have been begging for! How to use my Alphabet Letter and Number Props! On this journey, I personally show you how I shoot, Isolate and post process a name image, start to finish! Increase your business profits ten-fold offering your clients such a unique creative image! Wow them by creating a unique portrait they just can't say no to. Imaging the creative senior portraits you can make using these. Not a pro? No problem! With photoshop and a decent digital camera, you too can create gifts and family portraits that will amaze your family! Imagine how creative your scrapbook can look with such a creative images adorning them? Here is what you get in this package:

*A DVD for your home DVD player showing how I shoot in my studio with studio flashes. If you don't have studio flashes, just do your best to shoot on a solid color background somewhere with good lighting, preferably outdoors in a shaded area using fill flash.

* A DVD Video for your home DVD player showing you how I post process the images from the above shoot in Photoshop and insert them into an image start to finish! I give you a seat right in from of my computer monitor and take you throught all the steps. Imagine having an instructor come to your home to teach you such a thing- how much would that cost? At 300 dollars an hour, quite a bit! Plus, you might forget what was taught but that's not a problem here! You forever have a DVD to watch, pause and playback repeatedly until you get it down. At such an affordable price, you cannot afford to let this opportunity pass you by. What a fabulous investment in yourself as well as your photography business or hobby skills! Running a photography business? Don't forget, this is tax deductible as training so keep your receipt and ask your tax professional for advice.

* a CD with 2 sets of block and curly alphabet letters and numbers each isolated on their own layer in TIFF format. Just drag and drop them onto your project for beautiful images.

*You get 3 disks total: 2 DVD videos for your home DVD player and a CD for your computer to copy the alphabet letters/numbers to your hard drive.


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