Digital backdrops and backgrounds by Katrina Brown

 Digital Backdrops By Katrina Brown


Fantasy Digital Backgrounds  
Fantasy Volume 11 Digital Photography Backgrounds Children in the Garden!

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Item Number: 300013
Price: $29.99


Fantasy Volume 11 Digital Photography Backgrounds Children in the Garden!

See someone other than tobkatrina or Katrina Brown selling these digital photography background images? Report them and upon confirmation, you may choose any one disk in my store for FREE! Help me combat theft of my artwork and get your choice for FREE!

Product Details:

Here it is, Fantasy Volume 11 Children in the Garden! You get 20 images shown of my digital background creations that will make your talent shine! Impress clients, family, whoever! Use them in your professional photo business to maximize profit. Each photo is 4368 X 2912 pixels and is of surpreme quality. My images are Getty quality! For just a few dollars an image, you save time and money rather than shooting these yourself! Need a tutorial on how to isolate people/babies? Look in my store-I have them available to add to your order. This disk does not come with any tutoring.

How to use this product:

Need some help using these images? I have tutoring for sale in my store HERE. Disks do not come with tutoring unless otherwise noted. You need your own software to manipulate these images. THIS IS NOT A PROGRAM. You are purchasing images to use with your own programs such as Photoshop 7.0, 6.0, 5.0, CS, CS2, Creative Suite. If your program can open layered files such as TIFF's then your program can manage these images. These images will work on Macintosh and PC operating systems. You must have a DVD drive in your computer. Images must be copied to your hard drive BEFORE using them. DO NOT attempt to run them off the disk. Each image is very large so make sure your computer has enough FREE hard drive space. Please thoroughly read the entire auction before bidding. Please understand what the auction is actually for and make sure you have the ability to use the item(s). I accurately describe my auctions and provide actual and multiple photos. Due to the one time use nature of most of my products, returns are not accepted! Defective disks/broken items will be replaced immediately.

Download my images for individual sale:


Downloadable Individual Images Digital Backdrop Backgrounds and Props By Katrina Brown


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